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You put a lot of time into your songs? But it’s no use if you don’t have any plays or followers. This is where Socialnow comes into play with its Spotify marketing packages. On Spotify there are nearly 50 million tracks and more than 190 million users on a monthly basis and the number is growing day by day. As for streaming musk on the internet. Is Spotify the N1 before Amazon. To finally take off, we provide them with the necessary base.

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Buy Spotify Followers

The Spotify followers are suitable for artists and playlists. At the end simply enter the appropriate link.

Buy Spotify Plays

The Spotify Plays are suitable for tracks and playlists. At the end simply enter the appropriate link.

The most important questions about ``Spotify Followers / Buy Plays`` (FAQ)

Do all followers and plays come at once?
About 1000 followers are delivered per day. The speed at Spotify Plays is 500- 3k per day depending on track and playlist
Where do the SPotify Plays and Follower come from?
Our PLays and Follower come from all over the world, they are real Spotify users, who are registered in exchange networks and receive an incentive for their actions.

Can my Spotify profile or tracks be blocked if I buy from you?
In more than 7 years, no track or profile has been blocked due to our activities. If you have further questions about this topic, please contact our support.
The right package is not there for me. What can I do?

If we do not have the right offer for your campaign, you can simply contact us. . Just write to our support and a member of our staff will help you.

Can it happen that Spotify deletes purchased followers?

You will always receive more followers than ordered with every order. If deletions occur, we refill them – up to 60 days after each order.

Does socialnow belong to Spotify?
Clearly no! Socialnow doesn’t belong to Spotify. We do not represent any of the social networks or music platforms represented here that are the subject of our services. All trade names and logos are property of the respective network. There is no cooperation with any social networks.

More fans by buying Spotify Plays and Followers

If we look at the situation of the music industry, we see a considerable number of changes. The rise to the top of the music industry is increasingly online oriented. With these striking changes, the work of a music artist has become more dynamic. In addition to the fact that you make people happy with their music, an aspiring musician has a lot to do. He/she must also work to keep in touch with the community in different ways to attract more listeners.

That’s why more and more music artists are now looking to buy Spotify Plays or buy Spotify Follower. With the help of the online community, many musicians or speakers have taken care of themselves in the meantime. For instance: Psy or Ed Sheeran became viral and famous overnight through the online community (Youtube and Spotify). Many may think that high investments will bring the desired success. But that’s not always the case. Rather, investing in the right channel/network brings the best result.

In recent years, Spotify has pushed almost all other music platforms into the corner. With their diverse and effective approaches, Spotify has become the focus of interest for musicians and their producers. Millions of musicians have already signed up for Spotify. Every month millions more musicians from all over the world register. This is one of the reasons why new music artists receive less attention from Spotify. So that an artist can only concentrate on his music, Socialnow has taken a completely new path.

On our site musicians can easily buy Spotify Plays or Follower and get more attention for their music. Spotify is a Swedish company that has built its business around music. They already started operations in October 2008 through the Swedish company Spotify AB. Since its inception in June 2015, Spotify has attracted over 75 million dynamic listeners. The number of paid subscribers to Spotify has risen to 20 million.

Spotify is a digital music streaming service. Spotify enables listeners to listen to music by quality, music style, record label, Spotify playlist, etc. Spotify offers a freemium service. The free plan allows users to download the Spotify app on Android to stream music with commercial breaks. While on the Premium Spotify account the user can use completely advertising-free services. In the premium account, the user can download the music in offline mode. The Premium Spotify account costs around €9.99.

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    Our obligations do not end after the sale, we strive to maintain customer confidence even after the sale. You can always contact us, every day, if you have problems.

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    We offer only HQ-Follower and Plays and no Bot-Service, so our service will not only increase your statistics, but also your reach!

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    All we need is your URL for the Spotify profile, and we’ll take care of the rest. No registrations, passwords or the like are required.